Export Documents

Export Documents
  1. Commercial Invoice

    Trade Invoice, with detailed description of the goods, unit price, total value, transaction currency and terms of transfer

  2. Packing List

    Ark lists the contents in detail for each box with gross and net weight

  3. Delivery Note

    The recipient is the foreign customer and the place of delivery is the respective Customs Office of Export

  4. Certificate of Origin

    Certificate of Origin, if required, (Issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporter)

  5. Quality Certificates

    Quality certificate of the goods Declaration of Conformity, CE Certificate, OEKOTEX, CITES etc (Where applicable and if required)

  6. Movement Certificates

    Traffic Certificate EUR.1 or ATR (if applicable and provided)

  7. Bill of lading

    A.W.B (Air transport) or Bill Of Landing or C.M.R (Road Transport)

  8. EORI Number

    Unique transaction number with the Customs

  9. Authorizations

    Printed and Electronic authorization of the Customs Broker for representation in the Customs Authorities