Frequent questions

Frequent questions

What are the necessary documents for the import of goods?

For professionals (company, trader, industry, craft, etc.):

  1. Original invoice from the foreign company (Commercial Invoice)
  2. Packing list
  3. Cargo of the company that undertook the transport of the goods (road, shipping, air)
  4. Preferential certificate (EUR1, ATR, FormA) if the goods come from the respective country and the importer is allowed to receive them with reduced or zero duty. The specific certificates are issued by the respective house abroad of the country from which the products are exported.
  5. Certificate of conformity CE (Declaration of Conformity) for all products that need this certificate, such as electrical equipment and appliances, electronic devices, all kinds of machinery, toys.
  6. Fare invoice from the respective transport company if the specific terms of delivery require it.
  7. Invoice of agents from the respective transport company.
  8. Phytosanitary Certificate for products of plant origin.
  9. Veterinary Certificate for products of animal origin.
  10. CITES Certificate, if your products are made from species of flora and fauna which belong to the list of protected species and which are threatened with extinction.
  11. Liability declaration of uninsured goods if your goods are uninsured.
  12. Printed authorization.
  13. Electronic authorization.
  14. EORI number.

For individuals:

  1. Proof of payment (Paypal, Western Union, Bank transfer, etc.)
  2. Copy of your ID
  3. The necessary documents issued by the transport company (order, bill of lading, special bill of lading) if you have already received them.
  4. Printed authorization.

What are the necessary documents that we will need for the export of goods

  1. Original commercial export invoice
  2. Box of parcels with detailed numbering and description
  3. Original Shipping Form
  4. Print Authorization
  5. Electronic Authorization
  6. EORI number

The issuance of some additional certificates required depending on the type of goods or their country of destination is our sole responsibility and we undertake their issuance.

These certificates are:

  1. Certificate EUR1
  2. ATR Certificate
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Veterinary Certificate
  5. Phytosanitary Certificate
  6. Health Certificate

What is the Tariff?

The Integrated Customs Tariff (TARIC) is the codified collection of Community legislation published in the Official Journal of the European Communities concerning customs duties towards third countries, tariff preferences, tariff quotas and customs suspensions, as well as customs duty ( VAT, VAT, contributions and fees).

How is the customs value determined?

The term customs value of imported goods means the transaction value, ie the price actually paid or payable for the goods, when sold for export to the customs territory of the Community.
In addition to the tariff value, items such as transport costs, insurance premiums, commissions, royalties, etc. are added to the customs value up to the first point of entry into the European Union.

Certifications: If there are or if we can find