Imports from European Union Countries - Intra-Community Trade - TAC - Beverages

Goods coming from European Union countries by sea are deposited in a customs area and a customs procedure is required for their release.

Issuance of T2L Certificate

For products that are distributed within the European Union and their value exceeds € 10,000, the issuance of a T2L certificate is required. The T2L certificate proves the Community status of the goods. Our customs office undertakes the entire process of issuing this certificate.

Imports from Third Countries

We undertake import and customs clearance from Third Countries (China, Latin America, Turkey, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Canada, and all other countries) all kinds of goods such as: food - beverages (Wines & Spirits), clothing & footwear, furniture, electrical - electronic appliances, industrial raw materials, plastics, textiles, agricultural machinery, spare parts, sanitary ware, household goods and any other kind of goods.